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商品條碼 : 0753088204067
商品編號 : CAPP2040SA
藝人/團體 : 貓王 Elvis Presley - 查看所有專輯
專輯名稱 : 世紀典藏精選 SACD
音樂類型 : 西洋  [SACD 精選輯]
發行公司/日期 : 音橋 2017/5/10
製作公司 :
內含片數 : 1     
價格 : NT$ 1188     


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Elvis Presley 24 Karat Hits, on Hybrid Stereo SACD!
Mastered from the original analog tapes By George Marino at Sterling Sound
An audiophile dream set; the best that Elvis has ever sounded!
Includes every one of the King`s all-time greatest singles
Elvis Is Back! also available on SACD and as a 180-gram 45 RPM three LP Set from Analogue Productions
"... other compilations have filled the shelves but this is the essence. Yes, there are omissions, but who`d miss the dire `A Little Less Conversation?` That aside — no two fans would pick the same 24 tracks — this exists for a different reason: the sound quality lets you know how much RCA valued Elvis. Produced by geniuses, remastered to perfection, this is as good as you will ever hear Elvis in the digital domain." Sound Quality: 90% — Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, June 2013

It`s no understatement to call Elvis Presley the chief catalyst of the rock `n` roll era. Presley earned his nickname "The King" by releasing dozens of course-altering singles over the course of his influential career; during the 1950s Presley`s records spent a collective 53 weeks in the No. 1 chart position. Almost everything you could want from Elvis is in one towering collection — 24 Karat Hits, now a brilliant-sounding Hybrid Stereo SACD from Analogue Productions!

Elvis` 24 greatest recordings here are painstakingly compiled and remastered from the original 1, 2 and 3-track master tapes lovingly stored in the vaults of RCA-Victor. All the hits are here from 1956`s "Heartbreak Hotel" to 1969`s "Suspicious Minds." This Fort Knox of music is mandatory for every music lover, let alone Presley diehards and record collectors. A long-out-of-print audiophile favorite — known for its first-rate sound quality — it gets the royal treatment here in stunning SACD quality.

Until now, Elvis fans have satiated their desires with the prized DCC double LP edition (reaching prices upwards of $350 on eBay) as well as the DCC gold disc (a rare find fetching $150 and more). Now no longer do you have to pay a premium to enjoy the magic of Presley`s voice, rhythms and foundation-paving melodies. Mastered by George Marino, the King`s best work has never sounded so intimate, detailed, present and alive. Images are true and tones are balanced on every cut.

Contained in this album are some of the best rock `n` roll cuts recorded in the last 50 years. Had Elvis Presley done nothing else but record "That`s Alright, Mama," his place in pop music history would be secure. Presley fused rhythm and blues with country and legitimized beat music for white audiences. On 24 Karat Hits, every memorable facet of Presley`s multiple personas is represented:The hip-shaking rebel ("Jailhouse Rock"), sensitive balladeer ("Can`t Help Falling in Love"), beckoning romantic ("Are You Lonesome Tonight"), teen idol ("(Let Me Be) Your Teddy Bear"), socially conscious soul man ("In the Ghetto"), and passionate loverman ("Suspicious Minds"). The two dozen songs on this golden compilation read like a history of pop music and play like it is unfolding before our very eyes. There`s no substitution for the experience this set provides.
Do not miss the chance to own part of American history in unsurpassed fidelity that brings the cream of Elvis` music into your room, in stunning clarity.
This release is a gem. Buy two copies: One to treat your ears, the sealed copy to treasure as an investment. Solid audiophile gold - indeed!

★他的曠世成就 地球上至今無人能及 最偉大的藝人 永不殞落的萬世巨星
「貓王」無疑是本世紀流行音樂史上最重要的一位人物,他對於將搖滾樂導入流行樂壇有其無可取代的重要地位。Elvis Presley的一生,只不過是短短的42年,在這42年之中,直到Elvis離開人世的1977年即發表了76張專輯。從密西西比州的小鎮到五光十色的拉斯維加斯,Elvis一步一步走向The King Of Rock ’N Roll的地位。關於Elvis的一生,至今仍不斷探訪,不願接受Elvis驟離人世的樂迷,繪聲繪影的口耳相傳Elvis移居火星。多種傳記、電影,種類之多幾乎媲美一座圖書館。而他自五○年代中期至七○年代中期所發行的專輯及其後至今的紀念專輯累計總銷售量更是無從計量,絕對是史上最高銷售量的一名藝人。貓王更是將鄉村及藍調音樂融入搖滾樂的第一人,對於此後流行樂風帶來革命性的改變,而其表演方式﹙扭腰、擺臀﹚及穿著打扮﹙喇叭褲、飛機頭﹚更對當時及日後的美國社會乃至於全球風氣帶來極大的影響。

1956年,自從一張專輯「Elvis Presley」登上美國排行冠軍之後,Elvis成為50年代的文化指標。這一把Elvis的狂熱,一燒燒了20多年,全球各地美年數以萬計探訪貓王故居,連樂團也紛紛爭取「Dead Elvis」為團名。這一張「世紀典藏」收錄了24首貓王演唱生涯中最膾炙人口的歌曲,更是貓王再次以SACD方式發行精選集。因此,這一張紀念專輯如同用音樂烙印而成的Elvis Presley傳記,曲目搜獵縝密,娓娓道來Elvis這一生驚嘆不休的音樂軌跡。錯過這一次,你錯過本世紀最精采的貓王!
    DISK 1    CD
 1. Heartbreak Hotel (mono) 
 2. Love Me (mono) 
 3. Don`t Be Cruel (mono) 
 4. Hound Dog (mono) 
 5. A Big Hunk O` Love (mono) 
 6. All Shook Up (mono) 
 7. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (mono) 
 8. Jailhouse Rock (mono) 
 9. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (mono) 
 10. Love Me Tender (stereo) 
 11. Stuck On You (stereo) 
 12. It`s Now or Never (stereo) 
 13. Are You Lonesome Tonight (stereo) 
 14. Surrender (stereo) 
 15. (Marie`s The Name) His Latest Flame (stereo) 
 16. Little Sister (stereo) 
 17. Can`t Help Falling In Love (stereo) 
 18. Good Luck Charm (stereo) 
 19. She`s Not You (stereo) 
 20. Return To Sender (stereo) 
 21. (You`re The) Devil In Disguise (stereo) 
 22. Crying In The Chapel (stereo) 
 23. In The Ghetto (stereo) 
 24. Suspicious Minds (stereo) 

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