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商品條碼 : 8033237766748
商品編號 : IRM674CD
藝人/團體 : V.A. - 查看所有專輯
專輯名稱 : 10 Corso Como- Ares / Eros(Lounge/World Music)
音樂類型 : 西洋  [CD 沙發Lounge]
發行公司/日期 : 映象 2010/10/17
製作公司 :
內含片數 : 2     


10 Corso Como music fans must be accustomed by now to the drastic dichotomies that have been chasing each other on the packaging of our compilations for almost ten years. First "Yin & Yang" (2001), then "Ida & Pingal" (2002), moreover "North & South" (2003) and so forth. The One splits in Two, as we have recalled in the past years, but on the other hand the Two piece together into the One. We always have to go back to the Unity, as it happens in all life affairs and cannot be different in music. True to this gold principle, for this new collection (the eighth one in the series) we decided to proceed again by polarities. Therefore here are "Eros & Ares", almost to symbolize the two essential qualities in every human being. Eros is obviously expression of unconditional Love and for this reason - as already noted down by Hesiod - is endowed with unlimited power. Ares, contrariwise, is the Lord of war, contradiction principle in its hardest and purest form. For the ancient Greek, Ares was a god to distrust all the time, in fact he was always depicted with a wrathful, menacing, fierce expression. But this is not what we should expect from the music on our "Ares" - including the astonishing "Canto Dei Sanfedisti" by Ginevra Di Marco. No epitomes of hatred and rage then, but more simply, sound finds more cutting and barbed than others, that can even bring to light, thanks to Eros` vital help, a softly suave trait. And in this case too, as we said before, the Two piece together into the One.
    DISK 1    CD
 1. Ginevra Di Marco - Il Canto Dei Sanfedisti 
 2. Natalie Merchant - This House Is On Fire 
 3. Rabih Abou-Khalil - Como Um Rio 
 4. Lila Downs - La Cumbia Del Mole 
 5. Vieux Farka Touré - Bullet The Blue Sky 
 6. Endresen & Wesseltoft - Heartbeat 
 7. Amana Melomé - Nao Falo 
 8. United Peace Voices - Ye Dharma 
 9. Caradefuego - Mimbre Tierno 
 10. Arcoiris - Coco Joao 
 11. Nu Braz - Serrado 
 12. Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair - Everlasting Rose 
 13. Wilson Simonal - Nem Vem Que Nao Tem 
 14. Yma Sumac - Bo Mambo 
    DISK 2    CD
 1. Marlene Kuntz - Alle Prese Con Una Verde Milonga 
 2. Natacha Atlas - Black Is The Colour 
 3. Geoffrey Oryema / Brian Eno - Land Of Anaka 
 4. Waldemar Bastos - Love Is Blindness 
 5. Delmar Brown - Fragile 
 6. Buika - La Falsa Moneda 
 7. Ghetonia - Mavro Ce Skotinò 
 8. Ohm Guru - This Is Your Life 
 9. Musetta - Catch 22 
 10. Caetano Veloso - Circulado De Fulo 
 11. Beth Carvalho - Dança De Solidao 
 12. Sinead O` Connor - How Insensitive 
 13. Angelica & Jana - Acqua Di Marzo 
 14. The Platters - The Great Pretender 

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